My voice, her story {a post for Shama Women}

I’m honored to be part of a team of bloggers writing on behalf of Shama Women, an initiative whose vision is to see thousands of women living in South Asia and the U.S. who share life and equip and encourage one another in ways that help them discover and live out their identity and purpose in Jesus. I was moved to hear of what this group is doing and the ways God is at work in a country where there is open hostility toward Christians and the lives of women are marginalized. “Shama” means candle—these women are shining light into a dark place.

This is my first piece for Shama Women, an introduction of sorts.

There are some women I know. Well, technically speaking, we’ve never met. More than likely, we won’t find ourselves face-to-face this side of heaven.

But they are my sisters, and with my mind’s eye, because of the stories passed to me from one who has met them, I can see them clearly.

Their village is gray and concrete. In the air lingers the stench of burning garbage. There can’t possibly be any life here.IMG_8416-1200x800

Or can there?

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