The journey of today {a post for Shama Women}

Razia-window-e1462992268683-1200x1800Once a month, I am given the sweet gift of speaking with one or more of the founders of Shama Women via video call. They share with me stories of God at work at the training centers in South Asia while I type furiously to keep up. Their descriptions paint portraits in my mind of places I can only imagine, of women whose stories are so unlike mine—and yet we have everything in common. So, you can understand why I don’t want to miss a single word.

They pause to ask whether I have any questions, but usually I can do nothing more than silently shake my head, eyes wide, in awe of God moving in the most unexpected places. During my most recent conversation with the team, I gathered myself enough to ask what a typical day looks like for a woman being trained at one of the Shama Women centers. As they replied and the story unfolded, I placed myself there in her village, shadowing her day…

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