Day 9: Bedtime

Chirping crickets and croaking frogs.

A neighbor’s dog barking.

Stripes of peach, orange, yellow, and blue stretched across the sky.

Busted fences between neighbors’ yards—maybe we’ll just leave them.

Overgrown grass scratching my ankles.

Dan’s shoes on my feet—I just needed a picture of this sunset.

The sound of the bathtub draining.

Combing through wet hair and catching whiffs of watermelon shampoo.

Stories read by Daddy on the couch.

All Sons & Daughters on the speakers.

Blankies gathered up.

Songs and prayers.

Hugs and kisses.

One more snack.

A cup of milk.

One more tuck-in.

And then one more.

Checking homework.

A chapter book by flashlight.

And finally, quiet.


It’s bedtime at our house. For these things I am thankful.

31 days square

This is week two of 31 days of paying attention, a month-long mission to document and give thanks for the everyday, mundane, and beautiful. It’s a series I’m writing for Write 31 Days, a yearly challenge in which bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day in October. 

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