Day 11: When it’s easy to see what’s good

There are days I squint and search to find what’s good. It’s there, it’s always there—but I have to make a conscious decision to acknowledge it.

But there are other days good is all around me, and it’s all-up-in-my-face, can’t-miss-it obvious.

Today was one of those days. Today I saw good—I saw God—all over the place.

I saw Him in my 3-year-old, still groggy from sleep, wrapped around her daddy’s neck, reaching an arm out toward me and pulling me into a group hug.

I saw Him in my 9-year-old, gleefully donning mismatched knee-highs for crazy sock day.

I saw Him in a blooming flower in my front yard, on a plant I thought was dead.

I saw Him in the ladies in my Bible study group, young and old with a million different stories but shared faith.

I saw Him in raindrops falling from the sky while the sun kept on shining.

I saw Him in two sisters pretending and playing together. One called the other her best friend and my heart grew three sizes, Grinch-style.

I saw Him in a phone call from Mom.

I saw Him in a pizza assembled by three sets of hands (one of which probably hadn’t been washed).

I saw Him in texts from a friend reaching out with a word of encouragement she couldn’t have known would matter so much.

I saw Him in my husband quietly moving the book I’d fallen asleep reading and marking my place.

31 days square

This is week two of 31 days of paying attention, a month-long mission to document and give thanks for the everyday, mundane, and beautiful. It’s a series I’m writing for Write 31 Days, a yearly challenge in which bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day in October. 

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