Day 21: Autumn bouquets and brown paper

On top of my piano sit two vases: one full of eucalyptus sprigs, the other containing a mix of sunflowers, daisies, azaleas, roses, mums, and sea holly.

Both bouquets came home with me late tonight, leftover table decorations from a women’s dinner at my church—the first event I’d ever been assigned the task of organizing.

For most of the week, I battled nerves and doubt. Why in the world did anyone think I would be the right person to take the lead on this—to take the lead on anything? Me, the introvert. Me, the girl who’s been logged out of Pinterest so long I don’t even remember my password.

Thank God for silencing the lies in my head and reminding me where my strength comes from, and for reminding me that none of this—and I mean none of it—was about me. It was about Him.

Once I landed there, by His grace, everything changed. The butterflies in my stomach faded away. I stepped up onto the stage and looked out at the room. The sound of these women’s voices, talking and laughing as they ate, filled me with joy. Everything was beautiful, the tables laid out with care and attention, thanks to a sweet team of supportive friends (who do know their Pinterest passwords, not that they even need Pinterest).

Then there were faces looking back at me expectantly, and it was time to begin—and the realization smacked me in the face that I love these women. And I believe these women can change the world by carrying with them out of this room the power of Jesus and His love.

I didn’t say a whole lot and I couldn’t tell you what I did say. But I know Jesus was with us in that room tonight. I could feel Him, and I could see Him in every face.

The evening went by much too quickly, and suddenly it was time for good-byes and thank yous.

We cleaned up and turned out the lights, and I locked the door behind us with a whisper of thanks to God for never leaving me stranded and for always making me braver than I think I am.

I can’t wait to do it again.

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