Day 22: No coincidence

On the Instagram account for The Drafting Desk, Lindsey and I, from the very beginning, have posted a scripture verse every Sunday. It was Lindsey’s idea, and I immediately agreed it should be something we do consistently. After all, where better to discover freedom than in God’s Word? (Learn more about The Drafting Desk, our monthly email, here!)

We fell into a pattern of taking turns, each selecting verses for one month at a time. I took October this time around, and at the end of September sat down at my computer to plug five weeks’ worth of verses and captions into our calendar.

This morning, I opened Instagram to post our Sunday verse—a verse I chose for today’s share almost a month ago:

Oct 22

As I reread the words and the accompanying caption, a smile spread across my face, and I began to laugh.

If you read yesterday’s post, you understand why.

Maybe it doesn’t seem all that significant. But these are the little moments I return to whenever I am tempted to doubt the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in my life.

I believe it was no coincidence this exact verse came to mind the day I scheduled this month’s Sunday scripture posts, or that for whatever reason I dropped it onto the October 22 spot on the calendar, or that God gave me these words to encourage our readers along with it:

“We are hopelessly inadequate on our own, but the God who led Moses to free His people will also equip us for every task He calls us to. May we trust Him to do the work in us!”

The Spirit is real, present, and active, and evidence is everywhere—it’s just a matter of keeping my focus where it should be and my eyes open and ready to see. And when I do see, the joy that follows?

Nothing compares.

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